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it’s not science!

Howdy, peeps!
  It has been a long time since I’ve posted something on here because most entries were forwarded to my facebook.  I was in the field for some time and now I am back in Ansbach- but what’s up with my future?  From my last posts, you can most likely tell that I’m going through a lot right now, in regards to my career in the military.  After everything is said and done, I will most likely be a civilian again- something I do not want.  There are those who were born for the military- and I’m one of them. 

Wait!  Enough with the emo stuff- let’s get to the juice of the orange!

1)  In the field, I learned that I have only myself in this world.  Friends, lovers, and family come and go, but you have to live with yourself every day forever until you take that last breath.

2)  I want to actually feel love and loved.  Such a hard emotion to grasp and maintain for yourself and someone else.  I am capable of both, but yoiu kinda need two people for that.

3)  I woke up at 2am this morning with a taste for Honey Smacks.  To my surprise, I had none.  I went back to sleep disappointed.

4)  I need a new camera.  My other one took a shit on me when I went to Munich to visit a friend(currently an ex-friend, lol).  That should’ve been a sign to back away.

5)  It’s a shame Xbox 360 can’t play .avi files.  That would’ve been hella awesome if it could, but alas I am stuck with…

6)  ….stupid PS3!  The only thing awesome about it is the Blu-ray thing.  Other than that, I can’t really hear the bells and whistles of this machine.  Well, at least it plays .avi files!

7)  I had three beers last night after my arrival from the field…and I felt nothing, not even a buzz.  What a bummer!

8)  I learned the “all or nothing” lifestyle.  If someone wants a relationship with me, that’s how it should be.  Hmm…but it seems that people are only interested in me for conversational purposes only.

9)  I realized that I do not lead a private life the way I used to.

10)  This is possibly the very last post I will do here- and let’s go back to facebook and my personal site!


random thoughts list #1

1)  I don’t believe in bisexuality unless you can honestly marry someone of the same sex.  Anything less than that is just your justification of being greedy, also known as “having your cake and eating it, too”.

2)  I like it when I am thirsty and I remember I have nothing in my fridge. I look in there and I find one more can of beer.  Smiles, motherfucker. View full article »

kickin’ it ol skool

So…it’s been quite some time since I’ve done an entry in this blog.  Yeah, it’s like, a hella bummer- but I can change all of that.  Honestly, I have nothing really to add to this blog.  I mean, I voice my opinions and thoughts about things all the time to everyone, so a blog would be totally superfluous at this point.  Hmm…but then it’s always good to get things in writing sometimes, so that’s what I will do!

Right now, I’m actually thinking about how my life is turning out right now…and what I can do to make it work to my advantage.  Should I go back to the Marine Corps or be a civilian?  Should I live in the United States or go to the UK?  Is it better to stay single or or should I just follow my heart and marry?  With all of these decisions, I am left with a massive headache and sleepless nights.

I hate flogging a dead horse over and over, but the experiences I’ve been through in my last relationships (mainly the one with Nadine) totally left me confused about a lot of things and quite scared of a few forecoming events.  For the record:

1)  I know what I want in life, so I don’t like it when people tell me I am confused about that.

2)  I am determined to get what (and who) I want, so…anyone that stands between me and my goal will be met with some heavy fire.  Yeah – thug life.

So having said that, I am just thinking about when these things will happen.  I will be open to anything that comes my way, so long as it’s not something that will kill me, you know?  I’m rambling right now, so I’m going to conclude with a picture that will divert your attention away from my jibberish.



it’s pretty awesome for me

Last night, I finally mastered the one-armed pushup.  I was bored and I was listening to some Swashbuckle and then I decided, “Hey!  Perhaps I should try this shit”.  Now, I’m not going to lie and say that I’m built and shit like that, but I can honestly say that I am pretty toned.  So…I ended up doing about 5 of those pushups and I am very content with that.  My goal is to eventually get to ten by mid-August.  It’s pretty awesome for me.

So that restaurant we went to for lunch gave us food poisoning, resulting in a very bad night for us, respectively.  I should’ve known that a place like that would be the bee sting in my ass.  So…Ykaterina and I were eating with our office there and while everyone else ordered the 6,50 Euro buffet thing, we ordered straight from the menu. I ordered the shrimp-friend rice and the egg roll the size of a damn iPod touch.  Later that night, I ended up breaking into a sweat and I quickly ran to my bathroom and drank some Pepto-Bismul for my upset stomach and then I went back to my bed.  Bummer!  I quickly ran back into that bathroom and totally rocked that toilet.  I quickly fell on my floor, sweating on my dirty bathroom floor and the first thought that came to my mind was, “I should’ve cleaned this floor last night.”

With my remaining strength, I climbed back to the front of the toilet and looked inside (because I’m soooo curious).  Hmm…what a surprise- it was the food from that afternoon, except it was pink from the medicine I took earlier.

Needless to say, I had to go to the hospital and just have it documented that it was NOT the result of alcohol consumption and that the german-chinese restaurant had it in for me.

I got poisoned, son.

rigged on a fix

As I sit here at work thinking about what a waste that lunch at the chinese restaurant was, I decided to update this blog!

I had a lot of posts on here earlier, but then I was like, “hey, why don’t you just change it up a bit?”  The earlier posts were a little too pessimistic and made it seem like I was an emo guy with big balls.  Needless to say, I am not emo.  If anything, I am somewhat of an aggressive person today.

My coworkers and I went to this chinese restaurant today for a farewell lunch.  Sadly, it’s the chinese restaurant that has the buffet and it’s not my usual China/Thai Wok restaurant.  So…the food wasn’t that great and I spent 20 Euro on the entire meal.  What made matters worse was that I paid and went outside to smoke while I waited for my ride to attempt to finish eating her disgusting meal.  Then everyone comes out and tell me that it’s not a good thing to “dine and dash” out of a german restaurant?

1)  It’s not german- it’s chinese (or a pitiful attempt at such).

2)  I did not “dine and dash”.  I was the ONLY black in there- do you think I could’ve gotten away with such a steal?

3)  Do you honestly see me as someone who’d do something like that?  Sounds like people only say that because I’m the only black guy in the entire office- and one who speaks his mind instead of being a timid soldier.

Regardless of their blatant display of prejudice, I left somewhat victorious from that place and the people.  I have a short patience with people these days, and that’s what makes me angry- people talking mad shit, thinking mad shit about me.  if I talk shit about someone, you’ll at least expect it to be logical.